Ice Cream Bow Tie for Men - Self-Tied Bow Tie Untied
Ice Cream Bow Tie for Men - Self-Tied Bow Tie
Scoops troop ice cream bow tie outfit idea
Ice Cream Bow Tie for Men - Self-Tied Bow Tie Fabric
Scoops Troop ice cream cone bow tie and suit outfit

“Rocked my H-Bomb tie for a job interview. Got the promotion!”

-Scott from Cleveland

“Got the adult version and the kid version for my son and me. We both love them!”

-M. Fre, H-Bomb Ties Customer

“Thank you H-Bomb Ties for the great bow tie! Received tons of compliments!”

-Thomas, H-Bomb Ties Customer

“This bow tie and color scheme goes with just about everything. I have to stop myself from using it so frequently because of that fact.”

-Gamy R, H-Bomb Ties Customer

Scoops Troop - Ice Cream Bow Tie - Adult Size - Self-Tie

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The Scoops Troop self-tie bow tie offers a merriment of the classic H-Bomb fun designs with luxurious high-quality style. The H-Bomb’s parents are big Stranger Things fans and he wanted to have such a themed bow tie for men that was lavish and a la mode. This bow tie offers a tantalizing design finessed with pink, orange, brown and cream hues, all that are fun during the day and make an outlandish statement in the evening. Whether you are walking around the office or Starcourt mall, the H-Bomb Gentleman will look bitchin in this self-tie bow tie.

  • Style: Self-Tie Bow Tie
  • Bow height at widest point: 2.75"
  • Length untied at largest size: 36.61"
  • Adjustable strap
  • 100% Microfiber

All dimensions approximate

  • Dry clean
  • Hand made