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H-Bomb Ties: Adding a burst of awesome to your outfit

H-Bomb Ties is a clothing brand inspired by Harrison (aka H-Bomb) that specializes in fun bow ties and neck ties for children and adults. Harrison, who has Down Syndrome and Autism, is a fun loving, energetic, personable, hardworking, fashion forward boy from Ohio. Harrison has always had an affinity for bow ties, and he wears them often for all sorts of occasions. So much so, the male staff at his school started ‘Bow Tie Friday’ where they would all wear bow ties on Fridays in honor of Harrison.

The Story of H-Bomb Ties


It’s hard for people like Harrison to find and maintain employment. In the US about 80% of individuals with a disability are unemployed (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). Of the 17.9% of individuals who are employed, many will lose their job within in the first year. This a global problem across many other countries with similar statistics. These individuals have real skills and abilities, but many times businesses, despite their hardest efforts, don’t know how to incorporate an individual with a disability into their business plan.

For this reason, Harrison’s parents created a company where Harrison can work, now and into adulthood: H-Bomb Ties. They sell bow ties and neck ties for children and adults. As the business grows they plan to expand to other fashion accessories and product lines. In creating the company, Harrison’s parents combined his skills and abilities learned at school with his intense passion for bow ties. Each order helps create opportunities for Harrison, where he helps process and pack the orders. Harrison also helps pick styles, test products, and occasional personally delivers orders accompanied with a fist-bump. As H-Bomb Ties grows, they plan to hire more individuals like Harrison.

H-Bomb Ties: Adding a burst of awesome to your outfit