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  • The Best Funny Dad Jokes

    When we sent out a request to our customers for their favorite and most funny dad jokes, they did not disappoint! We compiled the best of these in to H-Bomb's Ten Days of Dad Jokes to celebrate Father's day... because if theres anything that comes to our mind for Father's day, its neck ties and dad jokes.
  • Back To School Facts Infographic

    Did you know? The average pencil can draw a line 70 miles long, and school buses transport 25 million students each year. We put togeth...
  • Microfiber Ties - Tie Fabric Guide

    Microfiber is a synthetic (man made) fiber that has a diameter of less than 10 micrometers. It can be used to create amazing bow ties and neck ties that look and feel similar to silk or satin.
  • How To Tie a Bow Tie

    Video tutorial presenting a step-by-step guide on how to tie a bow tie.
  • H-Bomb Ties In The Media

    Cleveland 19 News - Family breaks barriers for son with special n...
  • When In Doubt, Overdress

    Tie featured in this image: ...
  • Style Ideas for Sweet Homer Donut Tie

    The "Sweet Homer" tie is packed full of frosted donut goodness. But what outfits should such a tie be worth wit...
  • Presidential Bro Time

    Anyone who knows our family knows that Presidents’ Day is a big holiday in our house. All of our children are named after presidents, not because we are super political, but because my husband and I love history. (Yes we are that dorky!) Every Presidents’ Day I dress the kids up in patriotic outfits, sit them on our couch, and take a picture of their adorable smiling face
  • Flu and Cold Season

    It’s January and winter is in full swing. With this comes the beautiful snow and fun outdoor activities like building snowmen, sledding, and skiing...
  • Snow Days

    The period when the holidays end and the kids are back to school is a time when we can all get back to our regular schedules, and gain some structu...
  • Generations

    I walk into my son's sports team practice, help him take off his coat, and he goes running over to his coach. I look around the waiting room and see many moms, all of different ages and from different generations. It’s always fun talking with all the different moms because I feel each generation has its own unique character. Watching them all interact can be hilarious, as I feel many like to think their generation is the best and, let’s be honest, judge the shit out of all the other generations.
  • Target - What Is This Sorcery?

    Whoever created the Target business concept is a genius whose birthday should be celebrated as a national holiday by every collegiate business scho...