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  • Presidential Bro Time

    Anyone who knows our family knows that Presidents’ Day is a big holiday in our house. All of our children are named after presidents, not because we are super political, but because my husband and I love history. (Yes we are that dorky!) Every Presidents’ Day I dress the kids up in patriotic outfits, sit them on our couch, and take a picture of their adorable smiling face
  • Flu and Cold Season

    It’s January and winter is in full swing. With this comes the beautiful snow and fun outdoor activities like building snowmen, sledding, and skiing...
  • Snow Days

    The period when the holidays end and the kids are back to school is a time when we can all get back to our regular schedules, and gain some structu...
  • Generations

    I walk into my son's sports team practice, help him take off his coat, and he goes running over to his coach. I look around the waiting room and see many moms, all of different ages and from different generations. It’s always fun talking with all the different moms because I feel each generation has its own unique character. Watching them all interact can be hilarious, as I feel many like to think their generation is the best and, let’s be honest, judge the shit out of all the other generations.
  • Target - What Is This Sorcery?

    Whoever created the Target business concept is a genius whose birthday should be celebrated as a national holiday by every collegiate business scho...
  • Winter Break: Two Weeks of Crazy

    The Holiday Season is a magical time that I look forward to each year. Though, as excited as I get for the kids' two week winter break, let’s get ...
  • New Year's Resolutions: The Soon-to-Be Forgotten Promise

    Special thanks to our guest blogger, Ryan Lang (@ryanlangradio), for contributing this post! As I sit at my computer, having just devoured a double...
  • Holiday Commitments - Make It Accessible Monday

    'Tis the Season, and here come the 1,213 commitments of pure joy and utter insanity to your world. Between classroom parties, office parties, famil...
  • Food for the Holidays

    Whatever your Holiday traditions entail, surely they include food. And if you are anything like our family, you spend lots of time preparing your holiday menu. In our home we live in our kitchen and love to cook. The past few Holidays we have been experimenting with new and different themed menus.

    Despite all the excitement associated with food during the holidays, it’s important to remember lots of special needs individuals have to adhere to special diets for a variety of reasons.

  • 9 Parent Personalities You May Find At a Class Party

    It’s the Holiday Season and with this comes the infamous classroom party. I love classroom parties: the kids singing carols, a feast where we all bring a side dish to share, crafts, and games. However, one of the most entertaining aspects of all are the different parent personalities that enter the classroom.
  • Holiday Party Schedules - Make It Accessible Monday

    The holidays are a time when there are lots of unexpected changes to everyday routine and structure. Although these changes are exciting and fun, t...
  • Making Christmas Presents Accessible - Make It Accessible Monday

    In today’s installment of Make is Accessible Monday we are going to talk about holiday gifts, and how to make them go as smoothly as possible. A lot can go wrong.... just ask the dent in our drywall.