Advent Calendar of Kindness

December 04, 2019 1 min read

Advent Calendar of Kindness

Harrison (The H-Bomb) wants to encourage everyone to remember the reason for the season, and challenge you to the Advent Calendar of Kindness. Harrison’s favorite time of year is Christmas, and he enjoys spreading love and joy everywhere he goes.

Can you complete one item each day before Christmas?
Print this calendar, hang it up on your wall, and check off one item each day leading up to Christmas.

Advent Calendar of Kindness Graphic from H-Bomb Ties

The Advent Calendar of Kindness

  1. Give someone a hug or compliment
  2. Let someone in front of you in line
  3. Buy a friend or colleague coffee
  4. Hold the door open for someone
  5. Give a friend or loved one your full attention
  6. Donate a Christmas present to a charity
  7. Tell a joke to make someone smile
  8. Do something kind for yourself
  9. Hide a happy note for someone to find
  10. Donate books to charity
  11. Tape someone money on a vending machine
  12. Smile at a strange or 2, or 15
  13. Get in touch with an old friend or relative
  14. Let a car in front of you in traffic
  15. Write or send a thank you note to someone
  16. Smile and thank someone who serves you
  17. Tell someone you love them
  18. Pay for a stranger’s coffee
  19. Offer to help someone
  20. Feed animals (Birds, deer, etc)
  21. Donate clothes to charity
  22. Do something unexpected for someone
  23. Give a treat to your postal carrier
  24. Do something kind for yourself
  25. Reflect and record how much this season brought to you

John Chmura
John Chmura

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