Style Tips for Your Office Christmas Party

When you go to your annual office holiday party, you just want to relax and have a few good laughs with your coworkers to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. One way to do this is to be the guy with the fun themed outfit that leaves people laughing out loud and envious that they didn’t think of the same idea. For some, the idea of putting that much thought into your outfit may be stressful. Well, we have you covered! Here are 5 great ties that are either great conversation starters or have an interesting backstory, giving you the ideal conversation starter, and leaving you the life of the party.


Want a conversation starter? This tie will do just that! This tie adds a dash of fun and nostalgia in a sensible, high quality way, that takes something as classic as the bow tie to a whole new level. It’s traditional color scheme allows flexibility when pairing with an ensemble. Your co-workers will be envious they didn’t think of such a great tie to wear. Add the socks to finish off the look for more laughs! H-Bomb Ties carries this tie in Adult self tie bow tie, classic adult necktie, and socks.

Clark Christmas

    While this bow tie isn’t sporting the 25,000 twinkling lights from the iconic Griswold Christmas lighting display in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, it sure will illuminate your holiday ensemble. This bow tie tie is hand tailored from luxurious materials. The rich colors allow you to pair this tie with your lights and darks a like. This tie allows you to be able to have fun with their holiday get ups, without sacrificing fashion. H-Bomb Ties carries this tie in Adult self tie bow tie, and adult classic necktie.

    Clark's Christmas Lights Bow Tie

    Ugly Christmas Sweater

      Looking to make a statement when you walk into the room? Well this tie is for you! It’s navy and teal color scheme give any ensemble a little kick, and it’s hilarious pattern brings it to a whole new level. This tie will definitely make a scene, leaving your co-workers talking about it at the water cooler for days. H-Bomb Ties carries this tie in classic adult necktie.

      Swiss Snowman

        This tie has the best backstory which will have your co-workers in stitches. In Zurich, Switzerland, the locals have a tradition similar to Groundhog Day to predict the coming of Spring. The custom involves stuffing an 11-foot snowman with straw, cotton, and dynamite, and waiting to see how long it takes for the snowman’s head to explode. Legend has it, the quicker the explosion, the quicker spring will arrive. This will make for great conversation at the next office holiday party and probably leave your co-workers instantly googling if it’s in fact real. RIP snowmen of Zurich. H-Bomb Ties carries this tie in adult self-tied bow tie, adult pre-tied, youth pre-tied bow tie, and adult classic neck tie. Or try a pocket square.

        Swiss Snowman Christmas Bow TIe

        80’s Christmas Comeback

          This tie will make your coworkers nostalgic for the glow of of their Ataria 2600 (well if they are ages 38 and up) with its pixelated reindeer. It’s fun pattern can be paired well with both lights and darks, both formal and informal looks. H-Bomb Ties carries this tie in adult self-tied bow tie, adult pretied bow tie, youth pretied bow tie, and adult classic neck tie.

          Red Reindeer holiday bow tie


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