Bees? Bow Tie - Adult Pre-Tied

Bees diamond point pre-tied bow tie
Bees Bow Tie - Self-Tie Diamond-Point Bow Tie Fabric
Bees? Bow Tie - Adult Pre-Tied

“Rocked my H-Bomb tie for a job interview. Got the promotion!”

-Scott from Cleveland

“Got the adult version and the kid version for my son and me. We both love them!”

-M. Fre, H-Bomb Ties Customer

“Thank you H-Bomb Ties for the great bow tie! Received tons of compliments!”

-Thomas, H-Bomb Ties Customer

“This bow tie and color scheme goes with just about everything. I have to stop myself from using it so frequently because of that fact.”

-Gamy R, H-Bomb Ties Customer

“Present for my nephew — he loves it!”

-Mara G, H-Bomb Ties Customer

“My T-Rex tie was perfect… a wonderful find, at a reasonable price!”

-Allen G, H-Bomb Ties Customer

Bees? Bow Tie - Adult Pre-Tied

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The bee is a tenacious animal that rarely rests, and neither does the H-Bomb. The bee travels 55,000 miles and visits 2 million flowers to produce a pound of honey. H-Bomb hopes you enjoy this pre-tied bow tie, and trust that it will make a buzz wherever you travel.

  • Style: Diamond Pre-Tied Bow Tie
  • Diamond bow height at widest point: 2.36"
  • Width of tied bow: 4.92"
  • Length of strap at full length: 18.89"
  • Adjustable strap
  • 100% Microfiber

All dimensions approximate

  • Dry clean
  • Hand made