Microfiber Ties - Tie Fabric Guide

July 21, 2019 3 min read

Microfiber Ties - Tie Fabric Guide

Microfiber bow ties and microfiber neckties provide the luxurious look and feel of silk, with the added benefit of microfiber's stain resistance. This material can be used to create some truly amazing bow ties and neckties. When you hear microfiber, is the first thing that comes to mind a microfiber mop? Or one of those microfiber towels used to dry your car? In fact, microfiber is a clever material used to make many quality clothing products, including ties.

Are you looking to purchase a microfiber tie? H-Bomb Ties has a wide selection of beautiful microfiber tie patterns to choose from, or, keep reading to learn more about this amazing material.

Three ties: silk bow tie, microfiber bow tie, and polyester bow tie.

Three tie materials - from left to right: Joyfully Orange Bow Tie, 100% silk // Mother’s Day Bow Tie, 100% microfiber // Cotton Candy Bow Tie, Polyester.


What Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a synthetic (man made) fiber that is usually made from a blend of polyester and polyamide. It has a diameter of less than 10 micrometers. To put that in perspective, it is smaller than a strand of silk, and much smaller than a strand of human hair whichaverages 75 micrometers.

Microfiber strands can be used to make a variety of materials and fabrics. Besides apparel, it is used in upholstery, mops, rags, towels, and can even be made into an animal-free suede substitute calledUltrasuede.

But back to ties. One of the wonders of microfiber is that the fibers can be woven into materials that mimic other fabric, and that gives it a number of advantages when it comes to neck ware.

Microfiber Ties vs Silk

Silk ties are often considered the premium option, but microfiber can provide equally luxurious style at a much lower cost. Consider the areas of texture, durability, and cleaning, described below.

Microfiber Ties vs Cotton

Another material that microfiber is often compared to is cotton. The internet is abound with cotton bow ties and cotton neck ties due to the fabric's availability and the large variety of patterns and prints. While cotton ties can be colorful and fun to wear, the cotton fabric will naturally have larger fibers which make it hard to achieve that silky, luxury look. Cotton also tends to be a bit more stiff and can be more difficult to tie for the novice bow tie aficionado.

Texture of Microfiber Ties

Compared to polyester, microfiber can have a luxurious smoothness and softness that is closer to that of silk. It’s the stiffness of polyester ties that can make them difficult to tie. Not so with a soft microfiber fabric. Their smoothness and flexibility helps you make a tight knot in your tie. This can be especially useful for thebeginner learning to tie a self-tie bow tie. Despite their softness, microfiber ties hold their shape very well, which brings us to durability.

Are Microfiber Ties Durable

Microfiber wicks moisture and is resistant to stains compared to silk, which stains easily. Polyester is also stain resistant, but can absorb odors that are then near impossible to get out. Still, accidents happen and neckwear will inevitably collect spills. It is always recommended that you clean your tie promptly so a stain does not get a chance to set.

How To Clean Microfiber Ties

Although some manufacturers recommend dry cleaning their microfiber ties, this is usually due to the delicate construction of the tie. The microfiber fabric itself can be hand washed in warm (not hot) water. Use a towel to blot off any excess water and steam with an iron on a low setting. Too much heat from the iron can melt the fibers and ruin the tie.

With proper care, your microfiber tie will continue to give you a luxurious look and years of service.

H-Bomb Ties is a family-owned company inspired by Harrison (The H-Bomb), a boy with Down syndrome. We sell bow tie and neck ties to create work opportunity for Harrison, and others like him.

John Chmura
John Chmura

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