Back To School Essentials

July 12, 2019 1 min read

Back To School Essentials

Back to school essential items including kids bow ties from H-Bomb Ties

It's time to put together a back to school essentials kit for your kids. From lunch boxes to clothes, don't send your kids back to school without these essential items in their backpack:

  1. Easy-iron Button-down Shirt, H&M, $13
    Light Blue/White Striped
  2. H-Bomb We Have Liftoff Kids Bow Tie, $18
  3. ClassMate Large Backpack, Lands' End, $30 on sale
  4. Boys' Short Sleeve Cat & Jack Polo, Target, $5 on sale
    10 colors available!
  5. Little Bit of Everything Kids Bow Tie, $15
  6. S'well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Amazon, $30
  7. Go Retro with this pen & pencil holder, Amazon, $13
  8. Cotton Chinos in Dark Green, H&M, $10
    These stylish chinos come in a variety of colors
  9. Arctic Zone Expandable Lunch Box, Amazon, $25
    This lunch box can be found at your area Costco or even on Amazon. The H-Bomb has used this exact lunch box for 4 years, and can say without it doubt it is durable!
  10. Kids Blutooth Wireless Headphones with Mic, Amazon, $22
    These are H-Bomb approved
  11. Waterproof Wet/Dry Bags, Amazon, $15 for Two
    Perfect for gym clothes, swim lessons, visits to the school nurse, etc.
  12. Boys' Stars Print Short Sleeve Button-down Shirt, Target, $13
    Try it with a blue bow tie
  13. Lunchbox Scratch-off Love Notes, Amazon, $8
  14. Wildcats, Yellow & Blue Polka-dot Kids Bow Tie, $18
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John Chmura
John Chmura

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