Snow Days

February 03, 2019 5 min read

Snow Days

The period when the holidays end and the kids are back to school is a time when we can all get back to our regular schedules, and gain some structure back into our lives. As we kick off the new year with a new attitude and goals, it unfortunately also entails lots of weather for many parts of the country.


Welcome to Ohio winter where we get blissful blizzards that come off of Lake Erie, and sometimes when we’re really lucky, we get clippers from the other Great Lakes as well. Lake effect snow can be unpredictable, and at times inconveniencing to say the least. Here is a breakdown of how winter ensues here in Northeast Ohio.

First we get a lovely forecast that is confusing, alarming, a joke, but all too real at the same time.

Typical weather forecast for a typical Ohio winter

So logically I go to the store to stock up on important items that would be needed if I got snowed in my house for multiple days at a time. I walk into Target and see a display on the end of the aisle labeled: Snowpocalypse 2019.

I naturally empty this entire display into my shopping cart. That’s right! The essentials were on my mind.

Driving home in the snow is always exciting as I tend to be a bit of a speeder/road-rager in my uterus mobile (AKA the minivan). I’ve got places to go, so get out of my way slow pokes.

I’ve got to get home to eat my pringles and drink my wine.

During my drive that resembles the vintage Disney World ride Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, I hear on the radio that the entire country is having ‘blizzard conditions’ and some cities have declared a state of emergency. I chuckle to myself and put on some tunes.

Seriously LMAO! We literally have a snow shoveled path from our back door to our grill, and we grill ALL YEAR LONG in below 0 degree weather. Mother Nature may ruin my weather forecast, but she aint messin up my steak dinner.

Now that I’m finally home, I realize the snow is coming down a bit harder than before, and I nervously start eating my nutritious pringles and wine. I lie on the couch eating rations like the royalty I consider myself when I get the call THE CALL...

In my panic I realize it’s day 0 of the blizzard and I’m halfway through my provisions... WilI I make it? I cry even harder at the thought.

My husband gets home and we realize it has snowed about 4 inches in the last hour and in fact I did not come home with any actual essentials from Target I had on my shopping list... damn Target sorcery. So we decide that since the roads are too bad to go out, we should order pizza.

Because it’s totally safe for a 17 year old who just got his driver’s license to go out and deliver our dinner in half a foot of unplowed snow.

So it’s finally time go to bed. I wake up the next morning in a sea of pringle crumbs to see that, in fact, it did snow… a lot. I look outside and see my husband shoveling in about 2 feet of snow. I can hear him mumbling to himself but can’t quite make it out.

After 2 hours he is finished and can finally go to work. Have a great day babe!

I try to take my dog outside but he refuses as it’s -20 degrees outside, and of course the 2 feet of snow.  

And he did

So I go to turn on my social media and realize my news feed seems to be full of the same looking photo.

And they did

Seriously people we all can see outside, stop showing me your stupid snow pics. And if someone viewing your post isn’t from North East Ohio, trust me they don’t care about our snow.

But seriously…

Then I remember it’s a snow day and the kids have off of school. I feel when it comes to snow days, and kids are called off school, there are mixed emotions. Some people love snow days, and some people love to hate those who love snow days.

Let me tell ya, this might get you knifed the next time you go out in public

I happen upon a school teacher’s post in my newsfeed

Parents everywhere want to stone the person who posted this image

In particular I’ve noticed people tend to get salty with teachers for being happy about snow days. I just have to say, if your boss came up to you right now and said “tomorrow you don't’ have to come into work”, I don’t care who you are, you would be ecstatic. I am not a teacher, but if this happened to me, I know I would happy as a kid in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Teachers being happy about snow days, doesn’t mean they don't have the children’s best interests at heart, or that they don’t care about their jobs. It just means they are human, and are happy to get a day off. Who the hell doesn’t like a free day off of work? Hint: The answer is NO ONE!

Maybe the very reason you are upset about having to deal with your kids during a snow day is the exact reason the teacher is happy... your kids are annoying. I know mine are! Just remember moms, mimosa is a breakfast drink ;)

I get it, as a mom of three and holding down a job out of the home, snow days/cold days are an inconvenience. Especially being a special needs mom, my son needs structure to survive his day. Extended breaks many times lead to confusion and meltdowns. But they are a part of reality, and I feel we should not become unhappy over something we cannot control, like Mother Nature. My week might be harder because of Mother Nature, but that doesn't mean my son’s teacher can’t be happy she can sleep in for a day. I mean let’s face, Florida posts in the winter are far more annoying than teachers excited by snow days.

Seriously…. I hate you. JK I basically hate myself for not being smart enough to have moved to Florida years ago, and wish I lived there.

Frankly, anyone that lives in the south whose posts end up on my newsfeed make me want to send them negative karmic energy, or at the very least  unfriend them.

Now that does sounds nice!

All this mayhem basically goes on for 2 more months ending in late April (oh that might be 4 months, but who’s counting hahaha), and Northeast Ohio basically begins to look like the canvas of a Bob Ross painting.

I’m literally blinded by the light! HAHA, that’s a great song!

As hard as winter can be, we love living in Northeast Ohio, and try to embrace our long winters. There is a lot of beauty that comes with snow, and fun that comes with snow/cold days off from school. We use this time together playing board games, having mini olympics in the basement, building forts out of cushions & pillows, and watching movies. I want to leave those of you who are living these polar vortexes and blizzards first hand, with a little glimmer of hope. Just remember Spring will be here in 50 some days.

Ahhhh time for allergies and uncontrollable sneezing!

~Love H-Bomb Ties

Tera Chmura
Tera Chmura

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