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  • Flu and Cold Season

    It’s January and winter is in full swing. With this comes the beautiful snow and fun outdoor activities like building snowmen, sledding, and skiing...
  • Snow Days

    The period when the holidays end and the kids are back to school is a time when we can all get back to our regular schedules, and gain some structu...
  • Generations

    I walk into my son's sports team practice, help him take off his coat, and he goes running over to his coach. I look around the waiting room and see many moms, all of different ages and from different generations. It’s always fun talking with all the different moms because I feel each generation has its own unique character. Watching them all interact can be hilarious, as I feel many like to think their generation is the best and, let’s be honest, judge the shit out of all the other generations.
  • Winter Break: Two Weeks of Crazy

    The Holiday Season is a magical time that I look forward to each year. Though, as excited as I get for the kids' two week winter break, let’s get ...
  • 9 Parent Personalities You May Find At a Class Party

    It’s the Holiday Season and with this comes the infamous classroom party. I love classroom parties: the kids singing carols, a feast where we all bring a side dish to share, crafts, and games. However, one of the most entertaining aspects of all are the different parent personalities that enter the classroom.